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An East Tennessee psychic is known around the world for his special ability

3:45 PM, May 24, 2011   |    comments
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You might believe in a person's psychic ability, you might not. Either way, when Bobby Drinnon speaks it's hard not to listen. Drinnon uses his gift to help people find their way, their path in life.

It's not hard to tell Bobby Drinnon is a spiritual man. In fact, his faith has guided him through his entire life.

"I am a very open-minded Christian or a free-thinking Christian, I like to call myself. I believe in Jesus Christ. I think he was our savior, but I'm open to Buddhism, Hinduism and Jewish and I love all of them"

He learned to be accepting of all people as a young boy in Rogersville, but it took him a while to learn what his intuitive gift was all about.

"I could walk into a room and if someone had an argument, I would just go ballistic. I would go in tears. I was finding myself so empathetic toward everybody. If someone was sick, I would get sick. If I would hear a siren, I could feel what was going on," said Drinnon.

Bobby would get so wrapped up in this "sensitivity," as he calls it, that it was hard for him to function.

"My dreams started being so vivid at six or seven that they were tormenting," explained Drinnon. "If you don't learn how to control what you feel you can't channel it and that was the hard part about being a child."

His family took him to doctors, counselors, anything to try and understand Drinnon.

"I started developing, seeing auras, halos around people. And then I went to probably 20 eye doctors. My parents took me to Vanderbilt in the 50s and that was a long way to go and there was nothing wrong and I thought I was crazy," said Drinnon.

It wasn't until he met Mary Frances Whitaker that it all became clear. "She was known as a fortune teller and we were very afraid of her because we were told she was a witch and she would keep you in the closet and she didn't work on Sunday because she worshipped the devil," explained Drinnon.

However, he took his chances. "I was playing with this little truck. I'll never forget this day as long as I live. And I edged my way across the street and she was out there trimming some bushes and I got close enough to see the witch. I wanted to see this woman. She looked at me and she says, 'You've got something special, boy.' And I run like crazy," said Drinnon.

He was young then, but over the years she became his mentor.

"She said, 'You have somewhat of an antennae and you can pick up different things from different people.' And she said, 'It's a gift from God.' And she said, 'If you use it in the name of God you'll never go wrong, ever.'"

And that's exactly what he does now. But it wasn't always this way. Bobby went through tough times working odd jobs and trying to make ends meet.

"I was on food stamps, literally starving 35 years ago," said Drinnon.

Soon, through word of mouth, he was able to work full time using his ability to help people find their way.

"I call myself an intuitive consultant or counselor and I use a series of dreams. I try to dream about people before they come," said Drinnon. "I use visions...and I use auras when people come in to talk about their personality traits," said Drinnon.

Now he has assisted law enforcement in numerous missing persons cases and is known around the world.

"People who come just for the wow factor or the intuitive ability are going to be disappointed probably because what I think my journey is, is helping people see their path in life and that's what I'm about," stated Drinnon.

Bobby Drinnon, psychic, spiritual, intuitive, calming. Whatever the term, when you meet him you know exactly who he is.

"It's almost like I am in a dream. I think it's so good. It feels wonderful," said Drinnon.

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