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HomeGrown: Trevor Bayne

3:23 PM, Aug 20, 2013   |    comments
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Trevor Bayne may be on NASCAR's fast track, but his racing career has been in the making his entire young life.

"The first time he got behind 4 wheels he was 2," said Stephanie Bayne, Trevor's mother. 

The youngster from Halls was destined to drive,
following in his late grandfather's footsteps.

"This is something we've been working at since I was 5 years old," said Trevor Bayne. "This has been my dream."

Trevor started with go-karts, literally racing his way up. For his father, Rocky, it seems like just yesterday.

"You know, this shirt was Trevors when he was growing up," said Rocky Bayne, pointing the sweatshirt worn by Trevor's younger brother, Trey. "This was his shirt, his go-karting sweatshirt."

Trevor's career is just as he scripted it in a middle school journal.

"It actually said in the journal that when he got older he was going to live in South Carolina and he was going to be a NASCAR driver," said Stephanie.

"It looked like I wrote it yesterday, just talking about almost to a T everything that happened," adds Trevor.

While his success seems overnight, the entire family has dedicated nearly every weekend and every holiday to racing for 2 decades.

"I never looked at it as a sacrifice. I was doing something that a lot of kids wished and dreamed they could do. It always paid off along the way. And now, it's really paid off with this 500 win."

Many people helped pave the way.

"Even at a very early age there were people who just came from no where who believed in him," said Stephanie.

Somehow, Trevor has always found balance, maintaining his studies and life in general with humility, spontaneity and a passion for adventure, whether it's in a race car or on a wake board.

"Trevor goes by the seat of his pants," said Rocky.

"I did pick up a little bit of guitar," said Trevor. "So, that's the first thing my mom doesn't go crazy about or scared to death about."

For Trevor, it's simple, he is living a purpose driven life. And, God is always in the driver's seat.

Whether it's victory lane at Daytona, behind closed doors in his hauler, or in the wall at Phoenix, Trevor sees every lap, good or bad, as a platform for his faith.

"You gotta maintain the mountain tops because we know there's going to be valleys and just be that same steady person and that faith all the time because he's using it."

Whether he's sporting Wood Brothers' 21 or the Roush 16, Trevor says he'll always be the same kid from Halls.

"I want to be that same person today as I was before the 500, before I ever started racing."

Trevor Bayne, born in Knoxville, HomeGrown in Tennessee.


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