Your Stories: Savory and Sweet

9:42 PM, Aug 7, 2013   |    comments
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Food on wheels is the hot new trend in East Tennessee. One local couple has been rolling their gourmet food through town for just a few years, but their food truck is already part of their family.

"Every day is just an adventure," says Kiki Sambat.

Preparing, cooking and creating recipes all in a very small space makes life inside the Savory and Sweet food truck interesting.

"We both cook, although Nikisha is a lot better at it than I am. I do more of the manly things like grill the meat," says Byron Sambat.

Byron and Kiki Sambat are married and they work together every day.

"It works really well for us. Some people, we get a lot of comments on the truck like, 'Is that your wife? We couldn't do this all the time together'," says Byron.

But Byron and Kiki have a unique relationship. Both grew up in Kingsport and they both love food.

"Since I was 15, I've worked in restaurants from Cajun to gourmet French cuisine to a steak house to getting up before class and baking bread for different restaurants," says Byron.

"I've been interested in food all my life, basically, it's a family of cooks, my grandmother, my mom, everybody, it's really southern, a really southern tradition," says Kiki.

And appropriately, they met in a restaurant.

"We both worked at restaurants all throughout our high school and college," says Kiki.

And then they followed different professional paths. Byron in graphic design. Kiki in private investigations.

"I was a technical editor for a forensic investigation company," says Kiki.

Totally different industries, but both were desk jobs and the couple wasn't fulfilled so they cooked on the side.

"I just love to feed people. It just brings so much happiness. It's fulfilling. It's a lot more fulfilling than sitting behind a desk," says Kiki.

They eventually decided to open a bakery, Kiki Foods. It was based out of their home.

"I would make scratch-made pies, baked goods. I sold to some of the local restaurants and that's kind of how we started, that was our stepping stone," says Kiki.

Kiki and Byron also loved to travel and during their trips they noticed a truck trend.

"We would travel to different cities and seek out different food trucks so we kept wondering why there wasn't a food truck in Knoxville," says Kiki.

They decided to change that and so Savory and Sweet was born. It was a first for Knoxville.

"We call ourselves the first gourmet food truck," says Kiki.

Now, they set up at special events, at farmer's markets, music festivals, even Bonnaroo.

"It's great. It's pretty much fulfilled all of our dreams and hopes of what it could be," says Kiki.

They are busy, but their truck is now like their child.

"It's kind of funny but my mother calls this her grandtruck because we don't have children and we spend all of our time with the truck. She will actually come up and help us sometimes just to spend some time with us and the truck," says Kiki.

Kiki and Byron Sambat, a couple all about gourmet cooking and the best part, they come to you with a little Savory and a little Sweet.

One of Your Stories. There's no place like this one.

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