Haslam talks about decision to not create state-run health insurance exchange

9:08 PM, Dec 11, 2012   |    comments
Gov. Bill Haslam
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We're hearing from Governor Bill Haslam about his decision not to create a state-run health insurance exchange in Tennessee.

Haslam made the announcement Monday, just days ahead of Friday's deadline.

The exchanges are a part of the Affordable care Act. The create a marketplace for uninsured people to use in order to choose their insurance.

Haslam says the state won't be setting one up because the information from the government is "scary."

"I'm more and more convinced that they are making this up as they go. This is a massive federal program, going to be implemented across millions of individuals, and the amount of information and data that we have about it, or the lack of that, is scary quite frankly," he said.

The federal government will also require states to decide whether they will expand Medicaid.

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