Monday's Child

About the Monday's Child program Monday's Child began on the first Monday of May in 1980 profiling special needs adoptable children in the hope that they might find permanent homes. In the more than one thousand Mondays since -- more than 900 children have been introduced.

In 1980 Mimi Brody of Knoxville's Council on Adoptable Children was about to give up. Two Knoxville television stations had said no to her idea for what she thought would be a unique program. She had seen a news segment in Atlanta where the stories of special children, who had little chance of being adopted, were told. She hoped a television station in Knoxville would do the same thing.

In short order, the idea became "Monday's Child", a regular news segment hosted by WBIR anchor emeritus Bill Williams on the Monday evening newscast. For thirty years, Bill introduced us to about 1500 adoptable children, all of whom were children past the age of a typical adoption or with special needs.

Viewers responded beyond expectations. Hundreds were adopted.

Bill retired in 2000, but continued hosting the "Monday's Child" segments until July of 2010, when WBIR aired the last regular Monday's Child segment on its newscasts. But the program has now found new live at Every month, we'll feature pictures and profiles of special children who need a loving home.

For additional information contact the Tennessee Department of Children's Services at 1-615-741-6056 or click here to view Tennessee Department of Children's Services web site.