Former Monday's Child speaks about success of adoption

5:50 PM, Nov 15, 2010   |    comments
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Jeremy was first featured on Monday's Child on February 17, 1992. He was a good looking youngster, and very active and a little shy.

He had an artistic talent as was proud to show his skill in drawing a monster truck. Jeremy had been in a lot of foster homes, spent time in a children's home and had a couple of adoptions that did not work out.

However, when Bill and Karen Seal first met him at a mall in Knoxville, there was no doubt that Jeremy had found his forever home. "But I fell in love with him the first minute I saw him. We both did, it all worked out...He came to live with us Mother's Day weekend. Best Mother's Day I ever had," explained Karen.

Jeremy excelled in baseball and lettered as a freshman at Carter High School. His parents supported him in everything. "It was something every weekend, even just about every day of the week, like I wanted to do this, 'Okay let's go.' They were willing to spend that time and give me the attention I needed," said Jeremy.

Sadly, Jeremy's dad passed away before he graduated from high school. He spent four years in the Navy and met and married Marisa while he was stationed in San Diego.

Marisa loves to watch the old Monday's Child tape with the young Jeremy. "You could kinda see that he was shy and reserved but at the core you could see that he was really a sweet person," explained Marisa.

Marisa and Jeremy are now busy raising their 9-year-old son Billy who is a lot like his dad with a big smile and his love of baseball. Jeremy said his past experiences probably help to make him a better father. "You always hear you want to give your kids what you didn't have, and I do everything I can to make sure that Billy's happy and he's got everything I didn't," said Jeremy.

Jeremy and his family live in Farragut and he works as a warehouse manager at Southeastern Laser.

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