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DOB: 11-8-96

More About Andrea: Andrea is a very sweet young lady who enjoys spending time reading and watching movies. She likes to listen to country music and her favorite movie is The Game Plan. Andrea likes math and related arts. She enjoys sculpting. Andrea describes herself as smart and talented. She prefers spending time indoors, as she doesn't like bugs. Andrea's favorite food is asparagus. Andrea is good with animals and likes dogs. Andrea would like to find a family who would support and accept her.

What Others Say About Andrea: Andrea's foster mother states, "Andrea needs a family who is committed and structured. She can do well in school, but needs the support and an extra push to succeed. She likes spending time indoors, reading and watching television."

What You Can Do For Andrea: Andrea would benefit from a family who would support her and help her with school work. She needs an extra push to apply herself. She would benefit from a family who has structure and commitment. She needs love and guidance.

For More Information: Tina Graves Harmony Adoption 615-636-5348

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