Buddy Check: Brother cuts hair to support sister

9:27 PM, Jul 10, 2012   |    comments
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If you drive by the Maryville street maintenance crew hard at work, you'll likely notice they all have one thing in common.  Each one has little or no hair.  It's not a fashion statement, but for Tim Green and his co-workers, it is meant to send a message of support to his sister.

Green's sister, Kay Brown, was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. She had surgery to remove the lump then  underwent chemotherapy. As a result, she lost her hair.

"That was the hardest thing.  But it's something minor if it takes care of the cancer," said Brown.

Her family showed their support by wearing t-shirts and getting tattoos. Her brother, Tim, even had a hair-raising idea.

"I asked my wife what I could do for her.  I can't cook so I came up with the idea.  I'll shave my head if she loses her hair."

Tim shared his decision with his co-workers in the street maintenance department and his tribute took off. 13 of them cut their hair. 

"For them to shave their head for someone they don't know, it's amazing support, " said Brown.

But her brother Tim admits he was initially embarrassed to go out in public with his close-cropped head, so he wore a hat. But a trip to Walmart changed that.

"I saw a lady there who had a do-rag and I saw another lady with a bald head. I felt bad wearing my hat so I took it off and I don't wear it any more," said Green.

He says everywhere he goes now people ask if he is one of the guys who shaved his head for Kay.  He always says yes.

"That's my sister."

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