Service & Sacrifice: Stockings from US

9:38 PM, Nov 1, 2012   |    comments
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One Marine mom in Knoxville took it upon herself to ensure dozens of U.S. troops serving overseas see a little piece of home over the holidays.

"I know some of them have family who can't send packages and I just want them to know that we remember them," said Lisa Nichols who has used her basement as a place to store, pack, and ship stockings to troops spending Christmas away from home. Each one is full of cookies, crossword puzzles, and some hygiene supplies, like shaving cream and razors.

The idea came after Mrs. Nichols met a few of her son Cody's fellow Marines and wanted to show her appreciation for their service. She couldn't afford to send them all presents, but she wanted to say thanks in some small way.  It was then that she came up with the idea to send them each a stocking.

"I just really have a lot of respect for our military, and I just wanted to do something nice for the guys," said Mrs. Nichols whose husband is a veteran of the Air Force.

Volunteers like her mom chipped in money and time to buy, pack, and ship 150 stockings in 2010. Last year that number jumped to almost 400 stockings, and this year she hopes to almost double that number.

The Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club, a charity devoted to improving the lives of others, has joined the effort to help with donations and manpower during the Stockings from US campaign.

"There are so many good causes. This is certainly one of those here in East Tennessee that we all pitch in and support it," said Mike Simpson of the Sertoma Club.

If you would like to help Lisa Nichols and Stockings from US:   A $25 donation will fill and ship a stocking.

Checks Payable: Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club

Stockings from US
P.O. Box 2204
Knoxville, TN 37901
Donation Deadline: November 24th
(all donations are tax deductible)

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