Karns barber shop features 1970s theme

3:31 PM, Dec 12, 2012   |    comments
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When you think of a classic barber shop you may imagine a traditional red and white barber's pole and men talking about the good old days.

It's a retro barber shop for a younger generation.

Step through the doors of the barber shop in Karns to journey back in time, a time known as the 1970s.

"'70s to me was when I grew up and was the greatest time in my life," Master Barber Doug McNelly said.

That's why he chose a 1970s theme for his barber shop he opened last month.

Some of the memorabilia is his, some from ebay, and some from friends.

"NFL lunch box, $6 million man, Evil Kneivel, pictures of Charlie's Angels, John Travolta, old Tennessee posters. old coke machines, old snack machines, 8-track tapes," he said, demonstrating the 8-track player still plays music. "The old TV works but I couldn't get a DVD to hook up to it so I had to go with the option of getting a flat screen."

The flat screen plays DVDs of 1970s favorites like Six Million Dollar Man.

"If they have to wait on a cut they've got stuff to do. They can reminisce about old shows or old pictures or look at 8-tracks or play handheld electronic football games from when they were little," he said.

All of the retro games really work.

"A repeat customer came back already to bring his son and then he walked straight over to those games and picked it up and showed his son and said this was what I played when I was real. This was my X-Box," he said.

The shop is dedicated to Doug McNelly's father whose nickname is Mac. He travels from Roane County to get his hair cut at Mac's barber shop.

"Doug's Barber Shop just didn't have a good ring to it but Mac's, I thought, I'll go with Mac's," he said.

So far, no requests for a '70s style haircut.

"I don't think that's made it back. But if they do then we'll give it to them," he said.

Visit him at 6333 W. Emory Road and he'll give you a shave and a haircut and a trip back in time.


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