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Butch Jones' flat top gains Twitter following

6:39 PM, Jan 22, 2013   |    comments
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Orange pants and flat top haircuts are part of football talk at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Former head football coach Derek Dooley's orange pants started a twitter phenomenon.

"It started at the Montana game two years ago.  Coach Dooley wore the pants.  A couple of my buddies and me were sitting in the student section and we were trying to tweet funny comments on our own accounts and I threw it out there.  We should make a "Dooley's Pant's" account," said one of three anonymous Vol fans who created the twitter account @Dooleys_Pants.

The account attracted 300 followers after just three days of existence.

The pants would tweet out humorous comments.  Plus, fans could ask the pants a question and receive a response.

Derek Dooley lost his job at UT and Butch Jones was hired.

"Butch Jones happened to have a flat top and I thought it was unique to him a little bit," said the twitter account owner.

@Dooleys_Pants quickly changed to @JonesFlatTop on the social media website.

Tuesday, the flat top had more than 9,500 followers.

LiveAtFiveAtFour had the chance to interview the hair Tuesday afternoon.

They asked the flat top if it missed Dooley's pants. 

"I don't miss losing.  I intend to win.  But, the pants were unique.  I think people will forget about them once we start beating Florida and Alabama on a consistent basis," the pants responded.

Another does the hair feel about having so many twitter followers?

"Nick Saban's hair doesn't have its own account or followers and it just shows how passionate our fan base is and how awesome it is to be a part of the Vol nation," the flat top said.

Video of the story is attached.

You can follow the fun on Twitter at @JonesFlatTop.


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