"Sh'Bam" Wow! Exercise class offers new twist to fitness

5:38 PM, Jan 24, 2013   |    comments
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A cardio option is new to Knoxville.

Allyson Hughes is not new to exercise or dancing.

"I grew up doing Jazzercise with my mom," she said.

But the former gymnast, cheerleader, and competitive dancer has discovered something new.

"Normally, any dance kind of a class is what I enjoy doing because I don't realize that I'm working out," she said.

Allyson Hughes is an instructor at Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center in West Knoxville.

She teachesSh'Bam.

About a dozen dancers showed up for a noon class including Shannon Carr.

"I've never done Sh'Bam. I've done Zumba and I'm doing Insanity currently," she said.

Both Shannon the student and Allyson the instructor are fans of another dance workout: Zumba.

"It's active it's moving it's dancing and you're not thinking about what you're doing so I am tricking my body into working out and it's just not like grinding in and doing the hard work," Shannon said.

Sh'Bam is a similar concept except Sh'Bam is a centrally choreographed class. Allyson gets a DVD in the mail. And whereas many Zumba classes focus on Latin moves and music, Sh'Bam features more variety.

"I do a disco one and an 80s rock. There's all different dance styles in Sh'Bam," Allyson said.

You''ll see dance moves but hear no dance terminology so dancers and non-dancers can be comfortable in the 45 minute class.

It's the kind of class that makes you say Sh'Bam.


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