Sit down, watch a demo, and learn how to make a yummy dish

4:08 PM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
Preparing zucchini
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A fun feature every year at the Women Today Expo is the chance to see cooking demonstrations and learn new recipes. You will find it on a stage in one corner: The Food City Cooking School.

When Mary Constantine is in the kitchen you know she is making something delicious. The Sister of the Skillet prepared two dishes for the audience. One is a turtle pie made from a frozen pecan pie and the other...

"I can never pronounce this right. It's a fancy name. It's called pappardelle of zucchini squash and yellow squash. Really pappardelle is pasta," she said.

Mary Constantine enjoys the energy of cooking in front of a crowd.

"You get to interact with your audience but you also get to give the audience great recipes that are tested recipes. If you're going to get on stage and prepare something you know it better work," she said.

She sure did test her featured recipes.

"I took these to work yesterday and they were gone within half an hour," she explained.

The stage will host a variety of teaching chefs all weekend.

"Marty with the Party who will be here Saturday will talk about how to give great parties. She's going to talk about presentation as well as recipes," she said.

A guide you pick up at the front entrance includes a schedule of everything that's going on at the Food City Cooking School. Some other featured chefs include a gourmet and homemade presentation, NBC's Biggest Loser, Marty Duncan and the executive chef from the Tupelo Honey Cafe.

"You're going to get recipes that are actually from the restaurant. And you know it's hard to get recipes from restaurants," she said.

Mary Constantine is looking forward to the cooking demo by the sisters from the biggest loser.

"I'm going to give you turtle pie. They're going to give you something to make you thin," she said with a laugh.

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