'Lucy Goose' kidnapped from Knoxville restaurant

6:11 PM, Sep 3, 2013   |    comments
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'Mother Goose' sits in the front window at The Crown & Goose. 'Lucy Goose' used to sit beside her.

(WBIR - Knoxville)  Prior to The Crown & Goose restaurant opening in The Old City, co-owner Jeffrey Nash and his daughter-in-law completed a shopping mission in the United Kingdom.  The task: purchase two, antique, unique, ceramic geese that would be displayed in the restaurant.

'Mother Goose' and 'Lucy Goose', who look identical, would become cherished fixtures at the eating house.  For five years, they often posed together in the front window display.

Lucy Goose is now missing.  Nash believes the figurine was stolen.

"We really believe it was in an inebriated state that someone potentially took the goose.  We don't believe anybody did it viciously," Nash told 10News.

A restaurant staffer noticed Lucy missing two months ago, but concluded another worker moved the piece.  Nash's mother-in-law brought Lucy's disappearance to light last month.  By then, it was too late to use video surveillance in pinpointing the thief.

Flyers declaring 'KIDNAPPED' in bold letters have been distributed.  Lucy is pictured on the paper.  The flyer said the ceramic goose weighs 25 lbs and is two feet tall.

Jeffrey Nash is offering a $500 gift card to the person who returns Lucy safely.  Nash said no questions would be asked and no criminal charges filed.

"She [Lucy] has exceptional sentimental value to The Crown & Goose.  We will do nothing about the situation [criminal action].  The most important thing is to have Lucy brought back," Nash said.

Until then, Mother Goose stands alone in the front window.

If you have any information about Lucy's whereabouts, please call The Crown & Goose (865) 524-2100.

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