Darin Erin

Darin' Erin: Land paddlin'

6:29 PM, Jul 17, 2013

The guys from Billy Lush Band decided that it would be a good idea for us to get back on wheels. I think Photographer JJ got a little nervous when I told him we'd be off the ground for a few.

Darin Erin vs. Police Dogs

5:59 PM, Jun 12, 2013

It's a "dog day afternoon" for Darin Erin as she takes on some of Tennessee's top K9s.

Darin' Erin: Toy Pickin'

2:13 PM, May 23, 2013

I love a good garage filled with a hidden treasures or trying to find something special in an antique store. So, when Greg called me to see if I wanted to go toy picking with him, I was all over it

Darin' Erin: Trailing off

11:31 AM, May 16, 2013

I have a bunch of friends that post pictures to their Facebook about their off-roading over the weekend. John Becker sometimes dons his helmet and hits the trails as well. So when the chance came to "be like Becker" I took it.

Darin Erin: Spare time

6:52 PM, May 15, 2013

Every once in a while you get an email with a dare that will be awesome. Ruby Miller is one of those dares. She is 96-year-old woman who enjoys bowling.

Darin' Erin: Rock walking

5:20 PM, May 1, 2013

Darin' Erin: Police Academy

7:46 PM, Mar 4, 2013

When the Blount County Sheriff's Office asked the Darin' Erin Team to come out for their Police Academy, we thought we might run into the likes of Mahoney and Hightower.

Darin Erin: A year of flubs and hubbubs

6:52 PM, Dec 26, 2012

2012 was an exciting year for the "Darin Erin" team. They took on the area's tallest water slide, played with a local football team and tried fire breathing.

Darin' Erin: Chainsaw art

6:51 PM, Nov 7, 2012

Erin with a chainsaw?   Sounds terrifying.  Find out if she managed to use this tool of destruction to make a piece of art, and if everyone survived without getting hurt.

Darin' Erin: It's a gas

10:14 AM, Oct 19, 2012

Photographer JJ and I head out to the KUB training facility. After my debriefing and clothing change we were ready.

Darin' Erin: Mudsanity

6:31 PM, Sep 26, 2012

There is nothing like a man in a toga greeting you for your dare.

Darin' Erin: Bend it like Beckham

1:01 PM, Sep 13, 2012

Erin straps on the shin guards and gets ready for some futbol!

Darin' Erin: Grapes of wrath

9:37 AM, Sep 10, 2012

Darin' Erin: Learnin' the ropes

11:00 PM, Aug 15, 2012

I really need to stop listening to Photographer JJ when he says he has a really good idea.

Darin' Erin: Flipping for the Olympics

8:38 PM, Jul 25, 2012

The Olympic torch is still moving towards the cauldron, but I am on fire to be one of the best gymnasts never to make the team. Yep, I can try, but it is never going to happen.