Cuban Club Sandwich

6:42 AM, Jul 23, 2013   |    comments
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A hearty remix of a Central & Southern Florida staple, Cuban sandwich.


?     4-5 pound Boston butt or pork shoulder roast

?     8 ounces of thin sliced genoa salami

?     8 ounces of thin sliced smoked ham

?     8 ounces of thin sliced smoked turkey

?     8 slices of thick cut bacon

?     8 ounces of thin sliced swiss cheese

?     4 ounces of dill pickle slices

?     4 ounces of iceberg lettuce

?     8 slices of ripe tomato

?     4 ounces of thin sliced white onion

?     2 loafs of cuban bread preferred (French or Italian can substitute)

?     1 bottle of mojo marinade (can be found in the international aisle of most supermarkets)

?     Mayo & Mustard (optional)

Prepare the pork.Take the shoulder out of the package and rinse, place in dutch oven or roasting pan fat cap facing up, with a knife cut a few slits into the shoulder. Shake the mojo marinade well and pour the entire bottle over the pork. For best results marinate overnight. Place the pork in a preheated 350 degree oven, cook for four to five hours. The pork is done if you can pull the bone out cleanly with no resistance. Save the bone to make a pork stock later, or discard. The meat should easily shred or pull, but if you'd like to chop that is fine also. Let it cool then chop.

 Sandwich assembly. Take your loafs and with a bread knife or your sharpest knife in the kitchen cut long ways. I like to add mayonnaise to one side and mustard on the other. Add your shredded Cuban style pork, layer ham salami turkey bacon swiss cheese. Add your veggies dill pickles on top of the cheese, a layer of tomatoes onions and finally the lettuce.  Slice the entire loaf in half for two large sandwiches or three ways for three smaller sandwiches. At the restaurant we press these on a sandwich press, to get the same results at home heat two pans (prefered cast iron) on your burners on medium to high heat add a small amount of light olive oil or butter to the pan and also to the top of the sandwich. Once the pans are add a sandwich into one and place the other one on top of the sandwich, with a towel or oven mitt press down onto the hot pan until the cheese is melted and the bread is golden brown and toasted. Cut diagonally serve and enjoy, feeds 4-6 depending upon appetites.


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