Black Friday wraps up, some businesses say "success"

4:54 PM, Nov 24, 2012   |    comments
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It's been nearly nearly 22 hours, but Knoxville resident Mary Huddleston is still hitting the lines at the store.

"Last night was chaotic," she recalled as she entered one of the Target stores during the start of Black Friday 2012.

"Whatever caught our eye. We were trying to get the sales but the three little ones with us so we didn't get many sales," Huddleston added.

One day since the first stores opened for the day-after-Thanksgiving spree, business has slowly trickled down. However, Super Target managers say it still booming.

"We're selling a lot of products and we're getting product out on the floor as quickly as they can," said sales manager Jane Wells.

She said the success can be drawn to the months of planning to get ready for November 23. More than 300 employees worked this Friday, according to store leaders.

"We've been planning for this since August. So today our plans really got to play out as far as staffing, the prep, to do a lot of business," Wells added.

The foot traffic that goes through the lines at the big box stores will go through these lines at other businesses, not necessarily associated with Black Friday. In this case, fast food restaurants.

"We are projected to be up there. Walmart and stores around here have really helped us," said manager Lori Berryhill.

However, what was not expected were the sporadic lines here. Managers say it's because different stores opened up at different hours.

"Now we had a longer term, to get that many customers in to serve to take care of them as in last year it was 'here it comes at 5 a.m.'," Berryhill added.

However, it's still garnered business, as shoppers can take a break. It's no more shopping for a few days for shopper Huddleston.

"Waiting... waiting, yes," she laughed.

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