Cost of University of Tennessee coach change after Kiffin leaves Vols

7:21 PM, Jan 15, 2010   |    comments
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As the search for a new head football coach for the University of Tennessee continues, the cost of breaching contracts is hanging overhead.

The university has recovered $800,000 in damages for Lane Kiffin's breach of contract.

However, Coach Ed Orgeron's contract shows if he left before his contract's 2011 expiration, he owes the University of Tennessee $325,000, which can be paid in monthly installments over the course of 24 months.

"We are pursuing the money that is owed to the University and expect this will be resolved," UT Athletics Department Spokesperson Tiffany Carpenter said.

Monte Kiffin's contract does not have a clause that mandates a pay back to the university for a breach of contract.

Lane Kiffin's contract with the University of Tennessee started in December 1, 2008 and was supposed to go through December 31, 2014.

If the university terminated its contract with Lane Kiffin in 2010, it would have cost the athletics department $7,500,000.

Meanwhile, the future of the 5 assistant coaches still on staff remains unsure.

However, if the incoming head coach releases UT's current assistant coaching staff, the athletic department would have to pay out a total of $1,457,500 to break their contracts.

That doesn't include the amount it would cost the university to buy out of interim Head Coach Kippy Brown's contract if the new coach does not decide to keep him on staff.

Carpenter said she did not have Brown's contract available.

Meanwhile, the athletic department at UT continues to pay for ending Phil Fulmer's contract in 2008.  Fulmer receives $1,500,000 a year from the athletic budget. 

Carpenter confirms the athletic department has 3 more years to pay for Fulmer's buyout, according to his contract.

University of Tennessee officials say none of the money for these contracts comes from state funding.

It comes from money generated by the athletic department.

A look at the contracts

Here are some of UT's coaching contracts--those which are still active are labeled with (A).

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