Update: Cobbins moved to maximum security facility

3:43 PM, Nov 2, 2009   |    comments
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Letalvis Cobbins

Letalvis Cobbins has been moved from a medium security prison to the West Tennessee State Penitentiary in Henning, Tennessee, northeast of Memphis.

Cobbins was initially sent to the medium security prison near Whiteville in rural West Tennessee.

Cobbins was convicted of the murder of Channon Christian back in August, and convicted of facilitation of the murder of Chris Newsom.

The victims' families expressed publicly and through phone calls to officials their displeasure that Cobbins would be in a medium security facility.

Friday, word got out that Cobbins was being moved to a maximum security facility.

The Department of Correction said Monday that it had been looking at appropriate placement for Cobbins for several days but that Sen. Tim Burchett's call on the matter and the families' concerns were factored into the decision.

The West Tennessee State Penitentiary has an operating capacity of 2,505. It has about 320 inmates in maximum security. The prison opened in 1990.

Previous: Letalvis Cobbins will be moved to maximum security

Senator Tim Burchett confirms that convicted killer Letalvis Cobbins will be moved from a medium security prison to maximum security prison by Monday.

Burchett saw the families of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom on 10 News talking about all the calls they have made since they found out Cobbins was sent to the Hardeman Correctional Complex last week.

Cobbins was convicted for Christian's murder in August.   A Nashville jury sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Since learning Cobbins was sent to a medium security prison in Whiteville, Tennessee, the victims' families have been expressing their frustration publicly and by making phone calls.

On Friday afternoon, Burchett called Governor Phil Bredesen's office and was told by the Commissioner of Corrections that Cobbins will be moved to maximum security.

Cobbins could be sent to one of four Tennessee maximum security facilities. 

Riverbend Maximum Security Institution is one option for Cobbins which is where his brother Lemaricus Davidson is imprisoned.

However, Cobbins could also be sent to West Tennessee State Penitentiary, Northeast Correctional Complex or the Morgan County Correctional Facility.

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