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Gas station will stop selling popular 100% gasoline

5:30 PM, Sep 20, 2010   |    comments
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If you're looking for 100% gasoline to fill your car, lawnmower, or boat, you are about to lose another option.

"It was about a half hour out of my way but I think my car runs better on 100% gasoline," Jackie Klug said. She drives from Lenoir City to the Conoco Station in Bearden for 100% gasoline, and she's not alone.

"People come here for the 100% gasoline and we are selling 100% gasoline," Conoco Manager Jigesh Shah said "But after 20 September we won't get 100% gasoline from the company so we have to stop."

Jackie Klug saw a sign about the change posted on the pump when she pulled up.

"I said, oh what did I drive all the way over here for but I don't know where I'm going to find another station that has 100% gasoline," she said.

10News couldn't find another Knoxville station selling it.

However, GT Oil on Mulberry Street in Loudon continues to sell ethanol-free fuel.

Conoco says it's just following federal fuel mandates to add up to 10% ethanol.

"We don't have any choice because the company can't supply it," Shah said.

But should you even worry about filling up with a mixture of gas and ethanol?

"Ethanol is basically alcohol. And it's corrosive. And so if it has a chance to sit inside fuel injectors, inside carburetors, or inside fuel lines it has a tendency to corrode those pieces from the inside out," Reeder Chevrolet Technician Doug Ward said.

He's been working on cars for more than 40 years, with a specialty in Corvettes.

Ward said newer cars are designed to run efficiently on fuel that includes ethanol.

"A new car that's ten years or newer shouldn't have a problem. The only time ethanol really affects older cars is when they sit for extended periods of time," Ward said.

As for mileage, older cars may see a little better fuel economy with 100% gas.

Customers can still get it at the Bearden Conoco. Their last shipment of 100% gasoline should last until the ethanol version arrives in 7 to 10 days.

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