Bad weather causes Hawkins Co. Schools to extend school days starting Monday

6:59 PM, Jan 24, 2011   |    comments
Bad weather causes Hawkins Co. Schools to extend school days starting Monday
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Bulls Gap parent Teresa Reed dropped off her 13-year-old son Monday two hours late due to the snow.  However, she'll also be picking him up later as well.

"It was one day last week, I believe it was and he told me about it," she said.

Students in the 21 schools the Hawkins County Board of Education has had 14 days off due to the snow. Thirteen of those days were rebuilt in the schedule thanks to snow days and other days off that were canceled.

However, to make up for the 14th day, schools will extend class time 30 minutes daily for the foreseeable future.

According to assistant director of schools Steve Starnes, this is the first time the school board did this action, "Our board met in December and decided we missed six days before Christmas vacation, and that's unheard of," Starnes said.

The board wanted to extend time in class instead of loosing a day of Spring Break or move graduation.

"We have a spring break that's very well traveled," Starnes added. "So people don't need to change their reservations now."

However, some parents wonder what the change could do to their daily routine.

Teresa Reed does not work, but thinks about parents that do have to schedule their time around picking up their children.

"They have a schedule that they're usually on and picking them up 30 minutes later is probably going to inconvenience them," she added.

Educators said they will use the time to work on the upcoming TCAP tests.

"Take this extra time and focus on instructional objectives and making up for lost time, because- unfortunately- the state testing date will not change," Starnes said.

Claiborne County is also extending their school days because of snow-related cancellations.

Hawkins County Board of Education said this will be temporary, depending if they get any more snow days this year. They will meet month to decide what to do.

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