Store clerk charged after shooting at suspected shoplifter

5:24 PM, Nov 16, 2011   |    comments
  • Paras Patel
  • Kyle Sharp
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A convenience store employee is charged with reckless endangerment after he said he shot at a suspected shop lifter.

According to Crossville Police, they were called to the Shell station on Elmore Road around 1:15 am Tuesday morning.  The initial call was for vandalism, but officers were notified that shots had been fired while they were on their way to the store.

The man and woman who were working at the store told officers they saw a man trying to hide items in his clothing.  They confronted him, but he pushed past them and got into a car.  The woman said she tried to stand in front of the car to keep it from leaving, and the man, Paras Patel, admitted he had a gun and fired a shot at the fleeing vehicle.

Police were able to track down the suspect, Kyle Sharp, and the car, and found a bullet hole in the bumper of the vehicle.  The man was not hit.

Patel has been charged with reckless endangerment,  Sharp has been charged with theft and shoplifting.

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