"Grand Rod Run" faces new rules in Pigeon Forge

9:39 PM, Apr 30, 2012   |    comments
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A popular event in Pigeon Forge will follow new rules very soon.

The Grand Rod Runs are held in the city each Spring and Fall.

Thousands of classic vehicles park or drive down the parkway.

City officials received complaints about the 2012 Spring Grand Rod Run held in mid-April.

Traffic congestion and indecent exposure were some of the issues reported to authorities by nearby businesses and residents.

The city commission will create a committee made up of city leaders and business owners who will form rules for the event's organizers.  The Grand Rod Run is not sponsored by the city of Pigeon Forge.

"It's typically not the car show folks that cause problems.  It's the people who come to town for the party, to cruise up and down the street," said Pigeon Forge Mayor David Wear.

Some ideas the committee will consider include designated traffic lanes, increased patrols and no bead throwing.

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