Online crime mapping helps residents track neighborhood data

11:18 PM, May 9, 2012   |    comments
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KCSO Capt. Robert Hubbs shows how RAIDS Online maps crime data in Knox County

Most law enforcement agencies in East Tennessee say crimes related to prescription drugs have skyrocketed, and the need for that fix is leading various times of criminal activity.

Now, anyone can track crime online, with a web-based system that uses local law enforcement data.

The Knoxville Police Department, Knox County Sheriff's Office, and University of Tennessee Police Department submit data to RAIDS Online.

The website allows users to search by area, time frame, and type of crime in a particular region.

"It's updated hourly, and it gives everybody an opportunity to have first hand information about what happens in their neighborhood," explained Captain Robert Hubbs, of the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

He says, the problem often extends well beyond what many people consider the typical places for criminal activity.

"You wouldn't want to turn your blinders on if you live in an affluent area of the city or county because, the idea is, you're as much a target because you've got things!"

Residents in the South Knoxville neighborhood of Lakemoor Hills used information from the crime-mapping data when deciding on additional effort push.

Lakemoor Hills is not a gated community, and has little crime. However, the more than 400 residents there have now installed a security camera at one of the three entrances into the neighborhood.

"We think it's a deterrent over time against crime coming here," said resident Charlie Mulligan. "Secondly we think it's attractive to bring homeowners to us. We think its a double win."

Captain Hubbs says Lakemoor Hills is the only neighborhood in Knox County to take that type of safety measure.

"I think proactive measures can be helpful to keep your neighborhood safe," he said.

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