Your Stories: Kristi Ogle

5:27 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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  • Kristi Ogle
  • The Knoxville fashion scene has brightened in the last decade and leading the way is Kristi Ogle. She has a love of beautiful, shiny things and much of her inspiration comes from her family.

    It's high fashion of the big city right here in Knoxville. Welcome to Kristi Boutique.

    "I've always loved fashion and I really don't even know why I just had magazines. I found myself just scouring magazines," says Kristi.

    Kristi Ogle was born and raised in East Tennessee.

    "My whole family, they are all entrepreneurs, they all own businesses. My dad is one of nine kids and they all own their own companies," says Ogle.

    She grew up watching her dad build a business and watching her brother, Billy Ogle, Jr., pursue his dream of racing stock cars at the family race track, Atomic Speedway.

    "I made popcorn, sold novelty items, hot dogs, worked in the pits," says Ogle.

    She also was influenced by two very distinguished, very important women in her life, her grandmothers.

    "Amazing woman, very humble, never asked for anything," says Ogle. "My other grandmother. She's the fashion diva. She still is to this day. She's 98, puts her makeup on every day, wears a ring on every finger, wears a hat wherever she goes."

    Kristi gets it honestly. She always had dreams of owning her own business so she got her college degree and another family member helped her learn the ins and outs.

    "I went back to work for my Aunt Virginia, which is up the street, Virginia's Framery, and I managed her art gallery. She helped me a lot," says Ogle.

    Just a few years later, she was ready. And fashion was calling.

    "I was like, okay, let's go for it. Scared to death, really had no idea what I was doing other than I love fashion and felt like I had a little bit of a business sense," says Ogle.

    Kristi opened her boutique May 20, 1998 to rave reviews, getting recognition from a popular insider magazine.

    "I was recognized with Women's Wear Daily at the Atlanta Apparel Market as Rising Retailer of the Year," says Ogle.

    The fashion maven was also featured in Southern Living Magazine. "It was pretty neat. I was proud of it," says Ogle.

    Kristi leads a bit of a double life, pursuing two passions: fashion, and recently she got into real estate with Alliance Sothebys International.

    "Finding the perfect dress and finding the perfect home," says Kristi.

    Kristi Ogle, a woman who has many talents. A woman who loves family. A woman who has made her mark on the Knoxville fashion scene.

    "I like to educate the customers on all the new labels, the new lines, the new designers. I've kind of been known for that. I've kind of always been ahead of the curve," says Ogle.

    One of Your Stories. There's no place like this one.




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