Sheriff deputy's daughter dies after collapse

5:32 PM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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The Scott County Sheriff's Office confirms that Shadara Douglas, the 17-year-old daughter of Deputy Roger Douglas, passed away on Wednesday.  Shadara collapsed without a pulse last week and was rushed to the hospital.

Funeral arrangements have not bet set.

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(WBIR-Oneida) An East Tennessee teenager is in the hospital after collapsing without a pulse.

Shadara Douglas, 17, of Oneida, fell ill Wednesday night. Her family told 10News doctors believe she had an underlying condition with her heart that no one knew about.

Her father, Scott County Sheriff Deputy Roger Douglas, said the medical staff at East Tennessee Children's Hospital is taking a day-to-day approach with her care. He said it is not clear what will happen next.

"She's really strong," he said. "She's a lot stronger than I am or anybody that I know."

Douglas came close to not even making it to the hospital at all. Her heart stopped four times as a crew worked to revive her in an ambulance.

"Several times she passed away," said her cousin and Scott County Drug Agent, Kris Lewallen.

She would survive, but some of the crew who resuscitated her would not be so lucky. The next day, three of them would die in a helicopter crash in Eastern Kentucky.

Lewallen said the situation has been uncharted territory for the Scott County Sheriff's Office, especially when it comes to medical expenses. He said while the county offers deputies health insurance, many employees like Roger Douglas do not have it.

Lewallen said at a price of $600 a month per family, the insurance is just too much afford.

But, for now, Roger Douglas is just concerned about the health of his daughter.

"I'm asking everybody, everybody to please pray for my baby, Shadara, that God heal her to where she can go home and continue being our little 'Dara'," he said.

The Scott County Sheriff's Office has opened an account to help the Douglas family pay its medical bills. Donations can be made at Citizens First Bank in Oneida, TN.

Donations can also be mailed here:

Citizens First Bank; P.O. Box 4639; Oneida, TN 37841

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