Live Green At Heart: Scripps Networks building

4:33 PM, Jul 12, 2011   |    comments
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Millions of viewers tune to see the latest Green ideas a innovations in home and garden on HGTV. 

The network's parent company Scripps Networks is headquartered in Knoxville and now has a newly LEED certified building. When it came time to add onto the Knoxville headquarters, it only made sense that the company would create a building like few others.

Senior Scripps Vice President Pete Crowley said there were two things in mind when they designed the new facility, their employees and the environment. "We wanted to do the right thing for the environment. Obviously energy efficiency played in that sort of thing," said Crowley. 

Some of the features of the building included lights for each office space and the employees ability to control the AC. These changes all add up to savings. 

Open gathering spaces for meetings foster as sense of community and recycled materials are everywhere you look with cork floors and bamboo stairs. 

The company even took the natural approach outside their doors. A white roof reflects the sun, while a green roof, covered with plants soaks up the rain preventing runoff.

The plants in front of the building are water conscious as well. HGTV has teamed up with the University of Tennessee Horticulture Department. 

UT student and HGTV intern Shianne Kaina helped to create the front garden and this summer she is working to maintain it.

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