Knox family now collecting rain water to save money & resources

4:53 PM, Jul 13, 2012   |    comments
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We've certainly gotten a lot of rain this week, and now, one Knoxville family has a way to harness nature for their home's water supply.

Rainwater Resources installed a system at this new home off Buffat Mill Road.   It's the only one like it in Knoxville.

It collects, purifies and stores rainwater that the family will be able to use, and even drink. 

"We're collecting all the water off of a 4,000 square foot roof, bringing it into a conveyance collection system of pipes underground from each downspout, goes into a large underground filter system, and then it goes on into the tank for storage," said Dennis Rochat, Rainwater Resources

Rainwater Resources' president says it will likely take several years for this investment to pay off, but it's an environmentally friendly step.

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