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Where are they now? Margie Ison

12:29 PM, Nov 17, 2009   |    comments
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 People who work in local television develop a special relationship with the viewers.

When they retire or move on, the viewers are always curious about they're doing.

For the next few nights, Ken Schwall will be visiting some Channel 10 alumni, beginning with Margie Ison.

Few people have impacted Knoxville television like Margie did.

As they say, she ruled the airwaves for decades. Everyone watched and loved Margie's forecasts.

She started out down the street from Channel 10, but fortunately for us, she saw the light and joined our family. It was here that she predicted the weather and established an extremely strong bond with viewers that included her trademark wink.

"The way that started was my going to schools," said Margie. "Of course, everyone in class wanted me to say 'hello,' and I explained to them there's the time limit, and if the weather's really busy and a lot is happening, and I don't have time to do that, at the end of the forecast, I'll wink at you, and you'll know that I'm saying 'hello' to you."

After a nearly 33-year career, Margie's life now revolves around her family, particularly her husband Jim. They're about to celebrate 52 years of marriage. The couple met when Margie was a teenager, singing at a post-game mixer in a church basement.

Margie said Jim "just happened to drive by." He watched her perform and told his mother he had just seen his future wife.

Between being on television and doing untold personal appearances, Margie spent a lot of time away from her family.

"They understood about the job," said Margie. "They knew I had to be there and probably one of the greatest things about retirement is that I no longer have to multitask to have enough quality time...quantity. We always had quality time, but now we have quantity time. It's wonderful. I love retirement."

After all those years on television, one wonders if she's seen enough. Margie said she still watches the news and keeps up with the weather forecasts.


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