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Ted Hall anchor WBIR

7:55 AM, Nov 19, 2009   |    comments
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It's a long way from Esko, Minnesota, to Atlanta, Georgia.

For Ted Hall, the trip included an 18-year stopover in East Tennessee.

He wasn't always a serious news anchor, but around the turn of the century, Ted joined the anchor team at Channel 10 and never looked back.

Then, in 2005, our sister station in Atlanta, WXIA, saw Ted and dragged him kicking and screaming down to the big city--at least, that's the way we chose to look at it.

Can a kid from Esko, Minnesota find true happiness in a metro area with more than 5 million people?

"It's a big city, but we found our way out in the country," Ted says. "My wife and I and the kids live out in a field with horses in the front yard, that kind of stuff.  So we do live out in the country, but we do everything in the city--ball games and shopping and stuff."

But everyone knows that getting around in Atlanta isn't as easy it was for Sherman.

"Traffic is an issue. Stoplights are crazy. That's my pet peeve with Atlanta is that stop lights are long and frequent," Ted said.

Add unforgiving to their list of faults.

"They have cameras. I found out the hard way. They catch you."

Back in 1993, Ted stood on a hillside with a young kid from Luttrell who was hoping to make it big in country music.

I'd always wondered if Ted had any inkling that Kenny Chesney would make it as big as he has.

"I never considered the possiblity that he would be entertainer of the year and the biggest thing in country music. I didn't see it coming. I'm thrilled when I see how well he's doing."

A lot of people ask us how Ted's doing down in Atlanta, but a whole lot more people ask how Ted's son, Keaton, is doing.

Keaton, a seventh grader, was diagnosed with a very slow-growing form of brain cancer.

"He's doing very well. He was named MVP of the cross-country team. He's a little JV runner and the only one on the team who actually ran a race. He's doing very well with his health. His grades are good.

"We had a couple of scares with him that involved trips to the emergency room, but they were nothing, just scares. They just proved that nothing is getting worse, that
he's still holding steady and the tumor left in his brain isn't growing, so he's doing very well.

"We've had so many comments and questions from East Tennessee asking about him, so i want to thank everyone that cared so much and went out of their way to make us feel special."

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