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Corker speaks at UT about financial regulation reform

8:29 PM, Feb 15, 2010   |    comments
Bob Corker
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Sen. Bob Corker returned to his alma mater on Monday to discuss financial regulation reform.

He spoke to a group of students, professors and industry leaders on the University of Tennessee campus.

The republican senator has agreed to work with democratic Sen. Chris Dodd, the Banking Committee chairman, on a bipartisan plan to reform the nation's banking system and financial regulations.

Corker admits the issue is not one that interests everyone on an individual basis, like health care reform. However, he said new regulations are key to long term economic stability. "If we have, over the mid to long term, if we have appropriate financial regulation, we'll continue to have innovation in our financial institutions," said Corker. "We'll continue to have a sound system, which is what everyone depends upon, whether it's a payroll check being cashed or lending to small institutions, whatever it is."

Corker, a graduate of UT's College of Business, said he is impressed with the new James A. Haslam building and enjoyed his return to campus.







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