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Update: Aunt arrested for trying to trade drugs for baby says she was trying to help

1:09 PM, May 28, 2010   |    comments
  • Jennifer Turner
  • Marty Ball, 38, was arrested on a number of charges including child neglect.
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A woman who says she was trying to help her nephew when she offered his father drugs in exchange for the baby, is now charged.

According to court documents, Jennifer Turner is charged with Criminal Responsibility for Conduct of Another, Failure to Report Abuse or Neglect of a Child, Delivery of a Schedule II Drug,  and Possession of Schedule II Drug.

The documents say that Turner had plenty of time to contact authorities to get help for the child. 

Editors note:  A photo previously attached to this story that was identified as Jennifer Turner was incorrect.  The correct image of Jennifer Turner is now attached.  We apologize for the error.

Previous story: Man charged with trying to trade baby for drugs

A Cocke County man is charged with child neglect and drug possession, after investigators say he tried to sell his baby for drugs.

Investigators with the Cocke County Sheriff's Department say Marty Ball, 38, was arrested around 8:45 Wednesday night at the BP gas station on Cosby Highway in Cosby. 

In his report, the arresting officer says he received information that Ball was going to sell his 17-month-old son to his sister-in-law, Jennifer Turner.  He learned both of their vehicles were at the gas station, and confronted them.

The family of Turner said they were doing "what's best" for the child.  "He's a wonderful boy," said Beverly Bercher.  "He loves (his grandfather's) truck, car tires.  Just walk up check the lug nuts on (his grandfather's truck), rub them."

Ball told the officer that the woman was supposed to give him $100 for the baby, but she gave him five roxycodone pills instead.

Turner regrets her decision.  When asked about the transaction, she said, "I think it was pretty stupid, but at the same time, I wanted him out of that house."

Ball is charged with possession of roxycodone, dependency and neglect of a child, and public intoxication.

Charges against Turner are pending.

The child was placed with family members with DCS approval. 

Investigator Sgt. Armando Fontes said, "This will wind up being a civil matter between both sides of the families.  But again, it the responsibilities of both families to work for what is best interest of the child."

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