Economy's rebound could mean greener lawns

5:42 PM, Jun 3, 2010   |    comments
An increase in the economy means an increase in lawncare and landscaping services.
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As summer begins, homeowners are thinking about their yards and lawns.  However, with a recent downturn in the economy, there was a decrease in the need for landscape services.

"They didn't feel like they could afford to spend the money to trim their landscaping and doing the mulching and all that stuff," said Lee Strunk from All Seasons Lawn Services. He said additional services, like irrigation installation, were not wanted by customers at the time. According to IBIS World there was a 5% drop in lawncare services from 2008 to 2009.

Christine Helms said she was one of those customers who used to rely on landscapers to take care of her lawn. She said her neighbors in Farragut have followed suit.

"Well I don't see as many people getting their yards cut," Helms said. "I see a lot of grooming done when their house is for sale."

She said despite the improvement in the economy, she's now saving money by using her own lawnmower.

"I bought an attachment to a used tractor and I said you know what we're going to control our own weeds and it saved us hundreds," said Helms.

All Seasons Landscape owners said they've seen a 20% increase in services from last year.  Many other local landscapers have already had to turn away customers, something they did not do in recent months.


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