Knoxville City Council approves urban chickens, kudzu-eating goats, and new Kroger

9:42 PM, Jun 15, 2010   |    comments
  • The quicker the payback, the better when it comes to farmers.
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Knoxville City Council members gave preliminary approval Tuesday night to urban chickens, goats to eat kudzu, and a new Kroger store in West Knoxville.

The council voted to rezone property on Cedar Bluff at Kingston Pike, where Kroger plans to build a new grocery store. They also voted to approve the use of goats to control the growth of kudzu.  Keep Knoxville Beautiful is backing the plan, and has already brought some of the goats to town to show how they'd do on the job.

Finally, they voted to change a city ordinance to allow residents to keep chickens within the city limits.  But council members cut the number of hens that would be allowed from 12 to 6.

All three proposals still need a second vote.







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