The Last Monday's Child

5:39 PM, Jul 5, 2010   |    comments
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Monday's Child began in 1980 when the first four children were taped at Fountain City Park. So, it is appropriate to say goodbye to Monday's Child in that setting. "All things must come to an end," Bill Williams said.  "Even Monday's Child."

Over the last 30 years the program has introduced you to about 1,500 children. Big kids, little kids, all kinds of kids.  They were all classifed by the Department of Children's Services as "Special Needs Kids." 

A lot of them were older, over nine-years-old. Some were challenged in various ways. Some came in sibling groups of three or more that needed to be adopted together. Some were African-American or were part of another minority group. They all needed a home. A permanemt home.  A lot of them found that home.  Many did not.

There are a lot of "thank-you's" to be distributed, says.  Thanks to Mimi Brody who brought the idea to him in January, 1980, and to her and her husband Ivan for their support all these years.   Thanks to the Department of Children's Services and their partner agencies for identifying the children and following up on prospective parents.    Thanks to WBIR and the company's support.   Thanks to the half-dozen or so photographers who have worked with Bill over the last 30 years.  A special thanks to photojournalist Brian Holt who has photographed Monday's Children for 19 years.

    And -- a special thanks to those adoptive parents who have opened their hearts and their homes to Monday's Children.

    And to everyone who has watched all these years....

    And everyone who cared about Monday's Child.

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