Knox Youth Sports offers fall lacrosse team for area youth

5:49 PM, Aug 9, 2010   |    comments
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Football may be king win East Tennessee, but kids in the area are giving another sport a try. Knox Youth Sports is offering signups for its fall Lacrosse team. The deadline to sign up is August 13. Visit for more information. There are also a number of travel teams in the area:

Middle school boys:

Knox Cannons Lacrosse


      Coach:  Eric Farthing

Knoxville Warriors Lacrosse


      Coach:   Marty Sutton

Four local high school teams for boys lacrosse:

 West Knox Warriors Lacrosse  


      Coach:  Brett Harper


      (At Large team - for all boys not enrolled in the schools listed below)

 Knoxville Catholic Lacrosse


      Coach:  Ed McGinley

      (only for boys attending Knoxville Catholic)

Webb Lacrosse


      Coach:  Rico Silvera

      (only for boys attending Webb School)


Farragut High Lacrosse

     website:  Facebook page at

     Coach:  Mike Sommi

      (only for boys attending Farragut High School)


There is also a girls lacrosse league in town:

  Cheetahs Lacrosse


      Director:  Kurt Sichelstiel

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