Coach Derek Dooley sets new trend with brimmed, sun hat

5:40 PM, Aug 30, 2010   |    comments
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It's a new football season and for Tennessee, a new head Coach and yes, another new fashion trend. Derek Dooley's practice hat, a nylon Tilley Airflow, has phones ringing off the hook at local Tennessee apparel stores.

"I think it's a fun departure from what everybody else has seen," says Vol Fan Laura Miller.

However, you won't find the cap in the latest UT gear.

"It's the empty hole here," says Ronnie Dove, Sport Seasons Store Manager. "We've been telling customers they're not going to get it."

However, Bacon & Company announced Monday morning that it's teamed up with the University to produce a similar hat.

"Ever since he started wearing it, everybody started calling for it," says Jed Dance with Bacon & Company. "So we finally sat down with the University and worked out all the details."

The cap is the same style as Dooley's Tilley Airflow, just a different logo. Instead of an orange football, a power T is stitched on the front.

And the caps will be on store shelves beginning Wednesday, September 1st. You will find the hats at Sport Seasons, Alumni Hall, the UT Bookstore on campus and River Sports.

"I don't think we'll have them very long," says Dove. "They'll be in and out the door pretty quick."

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