Former candidate will fill Burchett Senate seat

1:17 PM, Sep 20, 2010   |    comments
  • Steve Hill
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The Knox County Commission has selected Steve Hill to fill the state senate seat left vacant by Tim Burchett.  

Commissioners voted 7-3 to appoint Hill after three previous votes did not garner the required six votes.

Hill ran for the seat in August Republican primary, but was defeated by Stacey Campfield.   Hill, a former government relations official for the St. Mary's Hospital system says he is fully endorsing Campfield for the seat in the general election.

In part because of a promise to his wife, Hill says he has no further political aspirations and does not plan to run for any political office in the future.

After an initial vote eliminated Chuck Williams from contention, commissioners voted twice, 5-4, to appoint George Montgomery.  Six votes are required to fill the seat.

After offering up two minutes of time to each candidate to address the commission, Steve Hill was the only candidate in attendance.

The next vote taken, Hill was appointed and immediately sworn in as the 7th District's Tennessee State Senator.

How they Voted:

George Montgomery: Sam McKenzie, Amy Broyles, Tony Norman

Steve Hill: Jeff Ownby, Richard Briggs, Brad Anders, R Larry Smith, Dave Wright, Ed Shouse, Mike Hammond

Previous story

The Knox County Commission will appoint someone to fill the State Senate seat formerly held by new Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett.  That special called meeting is scheduled for 1:30 Monday afternoon.

Burchett represented District 7.  His term would have ended in November.  Commissioners will appoint someone else to fill the seat until then.

Nine candidates have applied for the job, including Chuck Williams, who is running as an independent for the position in November.

Steve Hill also applied.  He lost to Stacey Campfield in the Republican primary for the office.

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