Leon Houston kicked out of court, twice

10:12 AM, Nov 22, 2010   |    comments
Leon Houston escorted out of court
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Rocky and Leon Houston were in court Friday facing a hearing in a $5,000,000 wrongful death lawsuit.

The Houston brothers were both charged, but not convicted, in the 2006 fatal shooting of Roane County Sheriffs Deputy Bill Jones and his ridealong friend Mike Brown.

Brown's family is now suing the Houstons, Roane County, and other officials.

A simple hearing got out of hand.

"Proper decorum is not to point at any person, any counsel, not to point at the court," Judge Amy Hollars cautioned the brothers.

Rocky Houston represented himself and argued a hand-written motion that she should be recused. In other cases, he has repeatedly tried to get judges recused for alleged conflict of interest and he tried that approach again on Friday.

As the hearing proceeded, Rocky tried to keep his brother calm. But after several warnings from the judge, bailiffs removed Leon Houston from the courtroom.

"It's a conspiracy! It's a conspiracy! It's against my civil rights!" Leon yelled as he was escorted out of the courtroom.

Then Judge Hollars allowed his lawyer, Jim Logan, to withdraw.

The judge did allow Leon Houston back in the courtroom at the request of the Brown family's attorney, Mitch Ferguson.

"I am certainly willing for Mr Clifford Leon Houston to come back into the courtroom and to participate," Judge Hollars said, on the condition that he behave.

But behavior was still an issue.

"You want to continue to sit at counsel table and participate today?" she asked Leon. "Yes ma'am," he responded.

But then as court was wrapping up there was another outburst.

As bailiffs once again escorted him out of the courtroom, his sister yelled "Get your hands off of him!" and Leon yelled toward the judge, "I am suing your ass, Ms. Hollars. I am suing you!"

The judge set a court date for November 7th next year. Another motions hearing is scheduled for January 28th.

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