Monday's Child finds a new home online

6:50 PM, Nov 22, 2010   |    comments
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Monday's Child: Kala
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  • After 30 years spent introducing 1,500 children on 4,680 broadcasts of Monday's Child the program came to an end. However, there are still a lot of children waiting for permanent homes.

    "We have about 300 children in the state of Tennessee that don't have adoptive families. Right here in our general East Tennessee area we probably have about 50 that do not currently have families," explained Suzie Langley.

    In order to let prospective parents know about these kids who still need homes, adoptable kids will be profiled on

    Each profile will feature information about each child as well as a number to call to receive more information about them.

    The pictures and profiles of these children are provided bu the State Department of Children's Services.

    To see these profiles, visit the Monday's Child page.

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