Victim reacts to new trial for accused school shooter

11:34 PM, Jun 2, 2011   |    comments
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Jim Pierce

The decision to throw out a plea deal and start over with a new trial has survivors of a 2005 Campbell County school shooting frustrated.

Then 14-year old, Kenneth Bartley, now 19, is accused of shooting his principal, Gary Seale, and two assistant principals, Ken Bruce and Jim Pierce. Bruce did not survive and the other two suffered serious injuries.

After attending the hearing Thursday, Pierce went back to his farm to work and blow off some steam.

"It does not make sense what the judge did ... it doesn't make sense," Pierce said.

He can't work full time anymore because of his injuries or enjoy his hobby of running marathons. The bullet punctured his lungs and paralyzed part of his diaphragm.

"It's changed my life completely. Some parts, some injuries I'll never get over," he said.

While Pierce is not looking forward to a trial, he feels blessed to be alive.

"It's because of the Lord that I'm here," he said.

Pierce also added that he felt the 44 year plea bargain Bartley agreed to originally was fair.

He believes Bartley knew what he was doing that day.

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