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DOB: 6/27/1996

Hi, I'm Druceilla. "The family I would love to have as my adoptive family would not be perfect . . . Because no one is perfect. But . . . they would love me for me . . . not because of the way I look or dress, but because of the way I act. What's on the inside counts. The family I have in mind would live in the country because I can't stand the city. I grew up in the country. My interests: I love to dance, do arts and crafts. I like hip-hop and R&B music. I like to walk in the country and the park. I like to play basketball. My favorite subject in school is Life Science. I don't know how to ride a bike so I usually walk everywhere. I don't want to be an only child, but would prefer to have older siblings. I would like to have the traditional family with a Mom and Dad."

The age of the adoptive parents for Druceilla does not matter to her. She would like a family that would be open to her having contact with her younger siblings who have already been adopted. Druceilla stated she would like to have her own room, if at all possible . . . a girl needs to have her own space. She would like to live in an adoptive home with pets, preferably dogs. It does not matter if her adoptive family goes to church or not. She does enjoy going to church but stated she is old enough now to go on her own if necessary. Druceilla wants to live in an adoptive home that has a non-smoker environment as well as being alcohol free. Druceilla wants to attend public school . . . no home schooling.

What Others Say About Druceilla . . .

Druceilla can be very polite and sweet. She tries to please others. Druceilla does very well in school. Druceilla does well with other children. Druceilla struggles at times with interpersonal relationships wit her peers. Druceilla is an attractive 14 year old bi-racial female. Druceilla is a very gifted writer. She writes poetry and love to journal.

For more information please contact: Teresa Trivette (423) 547-3967
Karen Keck (423) 279-1956

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