What's Right With Our Schools: TCC website

9:58 PM, Jul 14, 2011   |    comments
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A week-long teacher "Boot-Camp" gives educators a chance to search the web, so students can have the latest and greatest technology this fall to help teach sometimes difficult subjects including math and science.

Teachers from across Tennessee are spending part of the summer in Maryville working on a project which could change what your child studies this fall. 

The product will be the end result of hours of summer time research and team work study by some fo the best educators in the state. 

The group met this week at Maryville College and when they are finished, they will have something every teacher and student across the state will benefit from. "The website is being created to help all Tennessee teachers be able to teach all the standards more effectively," explained Penny Ferguson with Maryville High School. 

The website is called the "Tennessee Curriculum Center." The site is set to launch just as soon as the teachers find the right kind of online curriculum tools for it. These tools are things like media clips which illustrate abstract ideas and reliable scientific sources for older grades along with tools for younger students. 

"Also games and actives the children can use either on the whiteboards or on the iPad or iPod," said Diane Sterns with Tusculum Elementary School. 

Instead of pulling things out that they have always done, teachers will be able to go to the website for ideas. The ideas will be in line with current state curriculum standards. 

The state said they will also meet future guidelines called "Core Standards" "Because we're linking them both to the current standards they teach, as well as the common core standards, once we have transitioned to the new standards that will be available for all teachers across the state," said Lisa Jordan with the Tennessee Department of Education. 

These standards will help students and teachers right now and down the road.

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