Fans say goodbye to Harry Potter

5:52 PM, Jul 15, 2011   |    comments
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Since the midnight premiere tickets for the final installment of Harry Potter went on sale weeks ago, fans plotted and planned how to say goodbye to J.K. Rowling's endearing group of magical misfits.

The lines at Regal Pinnacle 18 began forming hours before midnight on Thursday. Fans dressed up as their favorite character, read excerpts from their favorite book....basically anything related to Harry Potter to pass the time.

Despite the theme-park-long lines, the crowds seemed to keep up a good spirit.

"Yeah we said we were going to go all out because this was the last one and I had never done one of these midnight thingies. I've had a great time just outside. We haven't even gone inside to see the movie," said one fan who drove in from Kentucky.

When the clock struck 12:01 it was officially time to start the film. And for any fan who's enthusiasm began to waiver, then surely they were reminded the wait was worth it. It was time for the new Harry Potter movie, for the last time.

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