Twitter memorial for crash victim goes global

8:10 AM, Dec 1, 2011   |    comments
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The news of Kyle Anito's car crash crushed his friends and family.

They built a cross as a memorial on the spot where his car hit a tree and killed him as a part of the mourning process. However, in Kyle's generation where it seems every moment is documented on social media, it wasn't enough.

That's why his cousin and best friend, Zac Jones, started tweeting about how Kyle impacted his life. He created a hashtag, or keyword in a tweet, #stArNITOnation.

"StArNito comes from his twitter name and nation is all of us together, our group, as one," said Jones.

Their goal is to spread the message of his good heart and upbeat spirit.

"It's about him and what he did for us. The way he touched us and the way he impacted our lives and even more the way he's going to continue to impact people and the lives he will continue to change after he's gone," Jones said.

However, it's also a way for them to grieve. They've seen support from not only people they know but from thousands of people they've never met. It's been tweeted in other countries and re-tweeted by big names like Eric Berry, Inky Johnson and Randall Cobb.

It's currently the number one trending topic in Knoxville as well as the state and several other cities. 

Trevor Bane tweeted, "Praying for #stArNITOnation. Hope u guys r holding up strong! I know it's hard to lose someone close." 

"It's almost like a big family now. I've met so many people now that I never knew before. It's just awesome," said Zach Vaughn.

Now this modern memorial has become a giant support system that's helping Kyle's friends get through one of the hardest times in their lives.

His friends also wrote a song and put it on Youtube. It's had almost 13,000 views.

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