Maryville soldier injured in Afghanistan

2:01 PM, Feb 25, 2012   |    comments
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"Michael knows that it was an absolute miracle of God," said Jone Trost. 

Jone and Harold Trost are crediting their son Master Sgt. Michael Trost's survival with their faith and the help of a fellow soldier.

Trost of Maryville, 49, was shot four times while his unit was helping build a school in southeastern Afghanistan. He's recovering at an Army Hospital in Landstuhl, Germany.

His wife, Stephanie, said her husband in serious condition, but is remaining in good spirits. He is expected to be transported to Walter Reed Army Medical Center Saturday. His wife is traveling to meet him.

Trost is serving with the Army's 489th Civil Affairs Battalion out of Knoxville. 200 members of the battalion have been deployed since May.

Master Sgt. Michael Trost's commander at home, Major James Rivenbark, says the unit he was with was attacked Monday.

"He was going to a school to show some Albanian soldiers how a school project was going and at that time he was attacked," said Maj. Rivenbark. He says they don't know who the attackers were.

"Unfortunately there was one Albanian soldier killed and another shot. There were two other 489th soldiers with Sgt. Trost and they were not injured," he said.

The Trost's believe one of those soldiers of the 489th is responsible for saving Michael's life.

"His artery in his right leg was severed and a young man, Specialist Robert Rose, he's just 19-years-old, tied a tourniquet around his leg. Had he not done that Mike would have bled to death," Jone said.

He also has a large wound to his hip and lost his thumb and index finger. His commander and parents are just happy he's alive.

"I am extremely grateful," said Maj. Rivenbark.

"It's really comforting that we know we can trust God with the results," said Harold.

The Trosts have received hundreds of messages and phone calls from friends and family in Maryville and around the country.

"Mike's probably made it around the world right now with prayers," said Jone.

They hope those prayers will get him through the long recovery ahead.

They say he has up to six months in the hospital.

This is the second injury for this particular unit.


Master Sgt. Michael Trost of Maryville is in serious, but stable, condition in a hospital in Germany after being shot in Afghanistan earlier this week.

Trost, 49, is a member of the Army 489th Civil Affairs Unit out of Knoxville.

He sustained 3 or 4 bullet wounds to his hand, hip, and right leg. His wife, Stephanie, is on her way to meet him at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bestheda, Maryland.  He was supposed to be transported there today, but due to surgery, will not be there until tomorrow.

Stephanie said the support from the community has been "phenomenal."

10News will bring you more on Sgt. Trost on 10News at 5:00.

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