Local establishment hosts first ever "Arthur Guinness Day"

5:43 PM, Sep 30, 2012   |    comments
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A worldwide celebration came to Eat Tennessee today. "Arthur Guinness Day" celebrates Irish history and the creation of Guinness beer.

The Irish Times Pub and Restaurant in Farragut held East Tennessee's first ever "Arthur Guinness Day" celebration 
Sunday but they did more than just enjoy good beer.

Owner Jon Ferrie charged a $5 cover fee to benefit the Knoxville public safety foundation. The foundation covers the Knoxville Police and Fire Department, the Knox County Sheriff's Department and UTPD. Ferrie says the money will help employees in need.

Community members helped support a good cause but also enjoyed what Ferrie says is one of the best types of beer out there.

"Guinness is mother's milk. You won't get a finer pint. It's poured in two stages. The first pour we let it cascade and then we top it off with another injection. And that's what gives it its creamy head. It's just a real, pure taste of Ireland," Ferrie says.

This is the third year that "Arthur Guinness Day" was celebrated across the globe and the first year at "The Irish Times."

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