Question for police leads officers to pot-growing bust

12:23 PM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
  • Nathaniel Wade
  • Drew Moore
  • Elora Dami
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Curiosity killed the cat.

Curiosity apparently also proved to be the downfall of a drug operation in North Knoxville.

According to Knoxville Police, officers were returning to their vehicles after finishing a call at the Fairview Apartments.

That's when police say a resident of 2621 Fairview Street walked up and asked the officers about what they were doing.

The officers said they got a whiff of marijuana.  And then another person came out of the residence and the smell became stronger, according to a news release from police.

Officers detained a third person in the residence.

KPD's repeat offender squad obtained enough evidence to get a warrant, which allowed them to find an indoor growing operation in an upstairs bedroom.

Police said they found:

  • 58 marijuana plants in various stages of growth and harvest
  • Nearly one-half pound of harvested marijuana
  • Multiple halogen heated plant lights
  • A grow station
  • Window screens that were used to dry out harvested marijuana
  • Multiple pipes and smoking paraphernalia
  • Multiple jars with mushrooms in varying stages of growth

The three residents were charged with violating drug free school zone laws and possession of drug paraphernalia, police said.

The suspects were identified as 26-year-old Nathaniel Wade, 26-year-old Drew Moore, and 22-year-old Elora Dami.


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