Rural/Metro donates live-saving equipment to Seymour Fire Department

5:27 PM, Nov 12, 2012   |    comments
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A local fire department received an upgrade in life-saving equipment on Monday.

Rural/Metro of East Tennessee donated two slightly used portable heart monitoring systems to the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department.

Rural/Metro says the 12-lead Lifepaks will make a difference in Seymour's ability to be effective fire responders. The new Lifepaks will upgrade Seymour Volunteer Fire Department's trucks from basic life support to advanced.

Each pack costs more than $20,000, and have only been used by Rural/Metro for four years.

"It's step one of several steps we will be doing to put that technology out into the community typically where it is needed, and those folks can't afford those types of enhancements to their systems," said Dennis Rowe with Rural/ Metro.

The Lifepaks will allow the volunteer fire department to communicate EKG data to area hospitals while in transport to a hospital. That will give hospital staff more time to prepare a treatment plan for the patient.

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