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East Tennessee man mall walks six days a week

3:15 PM, Nov 26, 2012   |    comments
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A man from the Rocky Hill neighborhood in West Knoxville hits the mall every day, just not sales days.

"It's a flat surface and in the winter time it's nice and warm in here," Bill Noah explained as he made his usual rounds ay West Town Mall. He walls there six afternoons a week. He rests on Sundays.

"The wife doesn't care. It gets me away from home," he said.

Bill Noah never exercised before he started walking at West Town Mall in 1995.

"I had a heart attack and had five bypasses and I lost 40 pounds shortly after I started walking," he said.

He said each full lap is about two miles.

"It tires you out a little bit. And then I go home and take a nap first thing," he said with a laugh. "You get to do that after you get so old, see."

He's 82 years young.

"I've slowed down quite a bit. Started out I was walking about six trips and now I'm down to one. Sometimes I don't finish one. But the doctor told me at least 20 minutes," he said.

He schedules his walk at the same time after lunch. Several people used to walk with him.

"They've dropped out over time," he said.

Bill Noah stays pretty focused during his daily walk.

"I don't pay any attention to the stores. I just go," he said.

But he does enjoy the social aspect, waving to women who run one booth and smiling at passers by.

When he finishes his walk he joins his buddies in the food court.

"Just sitting over there drinking coffee. They want to get fat," he said.

Bill Noah wants to stay fit.

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